About CreoKardia


A Conscious Business, Creating From the Heart



CreoKardia believes that everybody has creative potential within them, whatever their background or circumstance, and that practising creativity on a regular basis can 100% transform lives and begin an exciting process and journey of self-actualisation.  Sometimes life gets in the way of us exploring the potential that we know, in our heart of hearts, is there (if we listen carefully enough).


To use creativity as a means of sparking a process of self-actualisation through a range of inspiring creative opportunities and safe spaces that allow people to explore their potential, lives and needs, think-outside-of-the-box, play, laugh and create and express in a supportive, safe and warm environment. CreoKardia offers these opportunities because we believe we all deserve to lead, happy, healthy, fully expressed lives in touch with our unique creative talents.


  • Integrity and Honesty

  •  Respect in All its Relationships and Connections

  • Positivity, Enthusiasm, Play and Energy

  • Excellence and Inspiration

  • Curiosity and Challenge

  • Conscious Business and Global/Eco Awareness

  • Transparency

  • Sensitivity and Care

  • Self Expression As a Human Right, and a help in the alleviation of suffering


CreoKardia, and its opportunities,  are a work-in-progress and fledgling at the moment which is an exciting, developmental and constantly  transforming stage to be in . We’ll be rolling out the following services progressively over the days, months and years ahead.  We’ll be posting our way through the development of our services, so do follow us! It will be worth it! And there’s always ArtiPeep on Twitter (@ArtiPeep);  or follow me via the Twitter icon on the sidebar.

What’s On offer


ArtiPeepsthe creative driving force behind CreoKardia and a collaborative creative platform and inspiration point for creatives and creativity in all its wondrous forms. It provides a breadth of creative opportunities for creatives of any kind to express. It incorporates and embodies the notions of wellbeing and care that CreoKardia represents. By the end of 2013 it will also be the site through which Aedos Press will be run (the independent small press that we are creating to help promote and serve our creatives). This year we are also going to be making connections with an online gallery or a ‘real’ one which will act as a point of development for the Artists involved with ArtiPeeps. We are also going to be establishing some sort of mentoring scheme within ArtiPeeps as well as the facilitation of mini and macro multi-form collaborations.

In the not too distant Future

We will be creating a sequence of online creativity based self-development and creativity courses with the name ICREATE. These will be available through the site eventually.

In the Future

We will be developing a site that specifically focuses around wellbeing and which will use  creativity for that end.

. MY COMFORT ZONE Will be a  Dynamic Creativity-based Website designed specifically for people struggling with life at the moment or with mental health issues and who need comfort and a place to express. To be combined with two iphone /android applications (general and clinical) .  Watch This Space!

  • OPPORTUNITY FOR COLLABORATION! We are looking for a creative iphone/android application developer within the Cambridgeshire Area to help us with this project (on a voluntary basis). If you are interested or curious please do get in touch.

Hope you enjoy our blogs and services now and in the future! And here’s a link to ArtiPeeps

3 responses

25 09 2012

Households, cities, countries, and nations have enjoyed great happiness, when a single individual has taken heed of the Good and Beautiful….. Such men not only liberate themselves; they fill those they meet with a free mind.

25 09 2012

Thanks Orwell531 what a great quote! That’s what CreoKardia and ArtiPeeps hopes to do! All the very best. ArtiPeep.

27 09 2012

In framing an ideal we may asume what we wish, but should avoid impossibilities. Aristotle

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